Pet Mechanics

Summoner is unique in a lot of ways, and it's certainly no different in combat either - Pets have a lot of unique mechanics that make Summoner stand out from other classes.

Unlike weapon attacks, pet attacks do not give a JA circle after them, and can never perform Just Attacks - even if you use a Pet PA during a Technique's Just Attack circle.

This means that skills like Fighter’s Tech Arts JA Advance have zero effect on pets and aren't worth any SP investment. Pet attacks also do not count as a missed JA, so skills such as Etoile’s Flat Attack Bonus don't work either.

Because you don’t need to wait for a JA window, when using PAs with long animations such as Jinga Slicer, you can just roll right into the next PA after the last damage number appears.

Jinga Slicer Example

While most weapons can progress through their normal attack cycle using PAs, pets cannot - if a pet normal attacks after a PA, it'll always be the first normal attack.

Similarly, every time you press normal attack, your pet will use its first normal attack. The only way to get a pet to do their second or third normal is to let them do so automatically.

You also have the option of manually inputting a normal attack after your pet finishes its third normal attack, so that your pet starts its next 1-2-3 loop sooner.

Cery/Popple, Redran, and Glass only have one normal attack! On these pets, you can simply hold down the normal attack key. Rappy performs two pecks each time it normals - manually input a normal after the second peck deals damage.

Normal Attack Example Numbers for the PP recovery and DPS of normal attacks can be found on each pet's "Numbers" tab.
On most pets, ignoring the second and third normal attack - repeatedly using your pet's first normal attack - will bring in more PP per second, at the cost of lower DPS.

In general, it's better to avoid spamming your pet's first normal attack like this, but if you're limited on time and need PP immediately, repeating normal 1 is fine.

Finally, if your pet is normal attacking an enemy and it moves away from your pet, your pet will reset to its first normal attack when chasing it. Be mindful of this when trying to recover PP on mobile enemies!

Each pet has one PA that, among other things, recalls the pet back to you. In-game, these PAs typically include "[pet] returns to its master" in their descriptions, barring some exceptions (Maron/Melon Shield). If the pet is aggroed onto something and would normally go for a normal attack, recalling it will make it docile until you cast one of its PAs or tell it to normal something again.

On top of any obvious uses (avoiding damage, healing/buffing your pet), recall PAs can also be used to better position your pet.

Pets often suck at chasing moving targets, since their normal attacks lag behind slightly. Instead, you can position yourself to where the target will end up and recall your pet, where you can resume fighting as normal.

Pets have unique requirements for line of sight. On top of the standard rules every class deals with (you must have line of sight to target and hit stuff), Summoners have two more:

If there's a wall or obstruction between you and your pet, you won't be able to use PAs or normals for a few seconds until your pet returns to you. It's easy to tell when this happens because if you try to press a button, neither your character nor your pet will respond. Unfortunately, this includes your pets' recall PAs - so your only options are to restore line of sight to your pet, wait, or switch pets.

If there's a wall or obstruction between your pet and your target, you may use PAs or normals - but if this action involves moving the pet (normal attacking an enemy with a Melee pet, using Synchro Zan), your pet will not move. Thankfully, since you can use PAs you'll be able to recall your pet.

Sidenote, pets get stuck in the floor sometimes. This can happen when the part of the boss that your pet is locked onto goes through the floor, or beneath the arena. Don't fret - if your pet doesn't return on its own, you can fix this by switching pets.

Advanced Pet Mechanics

Additional information about how pets work and how they interact with stuff!

The information mentioned here isn't required to perform well, but can be implemented once you've got the basics down.

You and your pet have entirely separate buff bars - in order for Shifta and Deband to benefit your pet, it must be casted on your Pet. The only time it's relevant for your character to have Shifta is when using Rykros, since Rykros Staff's projectiles originate from your character.

Similarly, for Zanverse to work with pets, your pet must be in the Zanverse field rather than your character. Zanverse checks whether your pet was in-range at the beginning of the PA - so for PAs such as Maron Strike, you'll need to cast Zanverse on yourself.

Also, positionals such as Fighter’s Stances and “kill from the front/back” stage orders in Extreme Quests and Endless Quests are based on your pet's position, not your character's.

Normally, pets may only be moved directly to an enemy, or back to your character. Using the game's third person aim mode (bound to Z by default), you can manually command some pets (Jinga, Viola) to normal attack where you wish.

This can be used to great effect on Jinga to position it exactly where you want for precise Jinga Shocks.

You can also do this with Aero. Kind of. Normal attacks won't make Aero move in TPS mode, but you can move it using Aero Stab, to quickly and accurately set up Aero Spirals.

Jump cancels will prevent S7: Glowing Grace ticks!
If you're using this SSA, you should only do Jump Cancels if you're fine with burning some PP to do so.

Pet PAs can be divided into two halves: your character swinging their takt, and your pet actually executing the action. The player half of this can be canceled by jumping. This has a few niche uses:

First of all, jumping allows PP regeneration to start early. This is notable on long PAs such as Jinga Slicer, allowing you to get a few ticks of PP back during the animation. This recovers roughly 3 PP per Slicer (including increased PP regen of Phantom sub). You can also capitalize on this PP recovery window using Ketos Proi.

Secondly, jump canceling a PA allows you to followup slightly faster than normal - most pet PAs are 44-45F long; jump canceling cuts that down to 39F (when executed perfectly). This can allow you to, for example, use Shifta after a Synchro Geki without dropping your combo, or break out of Jinga Break's animation quicker.

PA Jump Cancel Example

Thirdly, you can jump cancel normal attacks. This is much more effective than PA jump canceling, resulting in a ~52F to 39F difference.

Doing this allows you to quickly active the potential of Lightweaver Cras Reed, or recover PP in a pinch.

If you're using Glowing Grace, you're better off spamming grounded normals for PP.

Canceling Normals with Jumps

Anga and Phaleg have a unique mechanic that makes them resist weapon types or tech elements that deal the most damage to them in combat. Since Summoner only has one real weapon type, and won’t do much damage with Techniques or Gunslashes, Takt resist can be a real problem.

Any non-technique action from your Mag can cause Takt Resist. This includes your Mag's Photon Blast, Auto Action, and SP Action.

The other way you can proc Takt resist is through normal attacks. Using a pet's normal attack will create a small hitbox infront of your Takt that deals negligible damage, but still causes Takt resist. Avoid manually normal attacking Anga or Phaleg if you're running solo.

On the topic of damage resistance, Rykros Staff's Megid Projectiles cause Dark resist rather than Takt resist (though their damage is still reduced by Takt resist). Consider removing Megid from your Mag if you're planning to fight Anga solo.

Similarly, Light resist will cause a roughly 20% damage loss assuming you have Light Pets, so Grants is not recommended either. Use Foie if possible.

While pets can't JA, this doesn't apply to the Megid projectiles fired by Rykros Staff.

If you equip Rykros and use a pet PA during a JA window, that Rykros projectile will Just Attack and recieve bonus damage for doing so.

In practice, this is rarely going to be relevant, but if you find yourself using Zanverse or buffing your pets while using Rykros it can be a fun trick.