Pet Details

Pets have four main details to them - their Rarity, Attribute, Personality, and Pet Plus Stats, which all contribute to your pet's overall power level.

7 Star Wanda Egg

Your pet's rarity determines its level cap.

Rarity Level Cap
6★ 60
7★ 65
8★ 70
9★ 75
10★ 85
11★ 90
12★ 110
13★ 120
14★ 130

Obtaining Eggs

Eggs up to 9★ can be found through the player shop to give you a decent starting point.

13★ eggs of all pets (except for Rappy) can then easily be obtained through Pudding's Collection Files.

Pet 13 Star Collection File

Finally, 14★ eggs can be found as drops in Extra Hard and Ultra Hard content, or through Seasonal Collection Files. If you're playing on Global, you can easily obtain these through the permanent 14★ Collection File!

Leveling Your Pets

Unlike your character, your pets do not gain any EXP in combat. Instead, they gain EXP by being fed Eggs, with higher rarity eggs providing more EXP.

The easiest way to get high rarity eggs to feed your pet is by speaking to Ariel, selecting Pet Goods Shop and exchanging Photon Spheres for 12★ EXP Eggs.


Your pet's attribute denotes what enemies your pet will be stronger against. As mentioned in the skill tree section, most enemies in this game are weak to Light so it's advised that you set your pets to Light to take full advantage of Pet Element Weak Hit as often as possible.


Your pet's personality functions much like a weapon's potential, providing your pet increased damage, reduced PP costs, or other bonuses. With the exception of Rappy, each pet has two unique personalities to choose from. The preferred personality for each pet can be found in the Pets section.

Personalities with the "Super" prefix provide the same effect, but with an added +5% RDR - I don't think these Super variants are worth the cost to obtain, considering that you'll be replacing them with 14★ personalities later anyways.

14★ pets are a special case, as they have personalities that combine both unique personalities together, with an added 5% RDR, giving you end-all be-all personalities.

Setting Up Your Pet's Attribute & Personality

To make sure your pets are Light right out the gate, simply search the Player Shop for a Light version of the pet. When looking through eggs, also aim for your pet's desired personality at the same time.

Torim Egg 9 Star. Category Settings: Eggs. Elements: Light
Torim Egg 9 Star. Light. Dilligent Lv1.

Once you have a pet with the desired element and personality, you can simply use Evolve Pet Rarity at Ariel to upgrade your pet using higher rarity eggs in the future.

Note that you cannot evolve an advanced pet back into its basic form (Jinga -> Wanda, Glass -> Redran, etc), or change your pet's element this way.

Once you have pets, you’ll want to start raising their stats. This can be done by hitting Escape, selecting Inventory > Pet, then clicking any pet and selecting Egg Synthesis, and feeding your pet low-rarity eggs with pet plus stats on them until they reach their stat caps.

When raising your pet's ATK stats, you can ignore all pet ATK stats other than your main stat. As SuPh, this means S/R-ATK do not matter.

Wanda 60 90 110 130 150
Jinga 100 120 135 160 170
Torim 100 100 90 80 90
Aero 130 130 115 100 120
Cery 125 115 100 95 95
Popple 150 145 150 150 150
Maron 120 120 105 115 90
Melon 160 100 90 85 70
Synchro & Vulcan 155 70 95 75 135
Rappy 250 250 250 250 250
Redran & Glass 90 100 120 130 150
Viola 80 90 115 100 140

Candy Boxes & Candy Types

While other classes increase the power of their weapons via affixing, Summoners are unable to affix their Takts.

Instead, Summoners increases the power of their pets' via Candy Boxes.

A completed Maron candy box.

Jelly Cubes & Caramel Cubes

A low level pet's Candy Box starts out with a bunch of blue and orange cubes in your way, which you'll need to remove to fit as much candy into your boxes as possible!

Jelly Cubes are automatically removed when your pet reaches level 50.

Caramel Cubes can be removed by clicking on your pet, clicking “Candy Box”, and clicking “Erase Caramel Cubes". This will require Caramel Crushers which are obtained at Ariel’s Pet Goods Shop for 8 excubes each.

Paper Cubes can never be removed. Each pet type has a unique layout of Paper Cubes that you'll have to work around when placing Candy.

A Maron's incomplete Candy Box.

Managing Candy Boxes

When you click on your pet’s candy box, you’ll be greeted with a few options to add, move, or remove candy.

"Edit Candy Box" allows you to move candy around a a pet's box without removing it.

"Remove Candy" lets you return a candy to your inventory so you can use it in other candy boxes. This requires a Candy Remover, which can be obtained from the Star Gem Shop for 1 SG.

"Remove All Candy" removes all of a pet's candy at once. To do this you'll need to pick up an All Candy Remover, which'll run you 5 SG at the Star Gem Shop.

"Erase All Candy" deletes all the candy on your pet. I'll be honest and say that I have no clue where you obtain an All Candy Eraser, but don't go looking for it. Grinding candy is expensive.

Candy Box Menu

Candy Compression

By default, pet candy takes up a lot of space. To fit as much candy into your boxes as possible, you should aim to fully compress your candy by speaking to Ariel and selecting "Candy Compression".

Tech Cookie
Tech Cookie
Tech Cookie+3
Tech Cookie+3


Used to increase your pet’s attribute, providing your pets a substantial damage increase. 13/14★ pets start with a base of 10 attribute, and cap at 60. To reach this cap, all candy boxes should include one Two Layer Pancake (+20 attribute) and one Three Layer Pancake (+30 attribute). Pancakes are 2x2 when fully compressed.

Two Layer Pancake Three Layer Pancake


These typically provide large damage boosts to your pets. All candy boxes should include two parfaits. Parfaits are 2x2 when fully compressed.

Parfait Exquisite Parfait


Rolls provide your pet with survability or utility such as damage reduction, increased critical hit rate, PP cost reduction, or other bonuses. Aim for two in each candy box. Rolls are 2x2 when fully compressed.

Steadfast Roll Last Minute Roll


Cookies provide various stat bonuses to your pet such as attack or HP. Some cookies also give you PP. Aim to include 3 of these in each pet box! Cookies are 1x2 when fully compressed.

Tech Cookie Stamina Cookie


Similar to Cookies, Sticks provide a bunch of general stat increases. Otherwise, Sticks can also provide your pet with percentage increases to critical hit rate or defense. Sticks are either 1x4 or 4x1, and cannot be compressed or rotated.

Vin-Spi Stick. Critical Candy Stick. Spirita Stick.


The sole purpose of Sandwiches is to increase your pet's Striking, Ranged, or Technique defense. These generally aren't something you focus on in your boxes and are mostly used as filler once you've already included the more powerful candies mentioned above.

You can also decide to cut horizontal sticks to fit two Sandwiches if you find your pets struggling to live in difficult content. Sandwiches can't be compressed and are always 2x1.



Initially, the only type of Gummy available was Stamina Gummy (+10 HP), but in Episode 6 we gained six new ones that provide attribute resistance (3% Fire Resistance, 3% Ice Resistance, etc).

Gummies are just general filler candy, so you'd typically go for Stamina Gummies unless you're trying to specicalize a pet for specific content. Gummies are 1x1 and unable to be compressed.

Hard Red Gummy Stamina Gummy


A type of candy that's used to change your pet to a different Attribute. This can be used to make your pet Light if you weren't able to earlier, or simply to change your pet's element if you're about to fight a boss that isn't weak to Light. Ramunes are 1x1 when fully compressed.

Frozen Ramune Murky Ramune


Crepes provide your character with increased RDR, EXP gain, or Meseta Gain, but do nothing to make your pets stronger. Unless you hate your pets, these aren't worth running. Crepes are 2x2 when fully compressed.


Recommended Candy

A list of candy that's potentially worth running on your pets, and information on where to obtain them on JP! For a complete list of candy, check out the Arks Visiphone's Candy List.

If you're playing on Global, all the sweets you need (except Pancakes and Ramunes) are obtainable in the Rising Weapons Badge 5 shop. For a complete list of candy, check out the EN Arks Visiphone's Sweets List.

On both regions, you can additionally obtain candy through the player shop, and find recommended candy layouts on each pet's respective page in the Pets tab.

Two Layer Pancake / Double Stack Pancake

Increases your pet's attribute by 20. Include one of these in each of your candy boxes to help get your pets to their cap of 60 attribute. Obtained through Ariel's Pet Goods Shop.

Two Layer Pancake

Three Layer Pancake / Triple Stack Pancake

Increases your pet's attribute by 30. Same idea as Two Layer Pancake - there's no reason to skip this in any of your candy boxes. Also obtained through Ariel.

Three Layer Pancake
All parfaits in this tab can be obtained in Global's Rising Weapons Badge 5 shop. Mobbing Parfaits (Jinga, Redran)

Super Steady Parfait / Super Vigorous Parfait

Increases your pet's damage by 7% when it deals the killing blow to an enemy, up to a cap of 21% damage. This damage bonus is lost upon switching pets. As this parfait's damage bonus is lost upon switching pets, this parfait means you're comitting to using Jinga or Redran uninterrupted for a while.

Steady Parfait however is not lost upon pet incapacitation, provided you don't switch to another pet. This means that on a pet with a low revive timer (such as Jinga, 15s), it can sometimes be worth it to wait for the pet to revive when it dies in order to keep the bonuses of this parfait. This parfait is available through the player shop on JP.

Super Steady Parfait

Exquisite Steady Parfait / Exquisite Vigorous Parfait

Increases your pet's damage by 4% on each kill, up to a cap of 20%. Also, your pet heals for 33% HP when it kills something. Pair this with Super Steady for an extremely powerful Jinga or Redran candy box. You can cop this through Anatoliya in the shop area.

Exquisite Parfait

Bossing Parfaits (All pets except Jinga, Redran)

Super Deadly Parfait / Super Critical Parfait

Increases your pet’s critical hit damage by 16%. A mainstay in all your bossing pet's boxes for it's huge damage bonus. Pair this with Exquisite Tactics Parfait or Exquisite Critical Parfait (if you need the crit offered by it). Drops from Primordial Darkness.

Deadly Parfait

Exquisite Deadly Parfait / Exquisite Critical Parfait

Increases your pet's critical hit damage by 10%, and grants the following bonuses during Shifta Sympathy: +1% ATK, +10% critical hit rate, 20% to the pet's base DEF. Less powerful than Exquisite Tactics, but acceptable if you lack the PP or equipment for 100% crit otherwise. Also mandatory on Vulcan. Can be obtained by speaking to Nanon in the shop area on JP.

Exquisite Deadly Parfait

Exquisite Tactics Parfait / Exquisite Tactical Parfait

Increases damage taken by Pet and by the Player (5%) when unsheathed, but increases your pets' damage by 13%. Additionally, provides the benefit of Steadfast Roll. Doesn't stack with Steadfast roll. Enables you to buil up your pet by running this parfait in combination with double Bravado Roll, or open up a defensive roll slot for something else. Extremely powerful parfait for Synchro in particular, but great on other bossing pets too. Replaces Exquisite Deadly Parfait provided you don't need to increased crit it offers.

Obtained on JP from the Christmas 2020 emergency quest, or from the 2021 Weapon Badge shop.

Exquisite Tactics Parfait

Situational Bossing Parfaits (All pets except Jinga, Redran)

Super Ultimate Parfait / Super Tainted Parfait

Increases your pet’s damage by 15% against abberations.

This isn't a mainstay in your candy boxes, but can be used to squeeze out a bit of extra damage against abberations, namely Sodam, at the cost of Exquisite Tactics' defense. Drops from Sodam!

Super Doki Doki Parfait

Light & Dark Parfait

Increases your pet’s damage by 7% and restore its HP equal to 1% of damage dealt (Max: 50 HP per hit) when attacking an enemy with an attribute that is Light, Dark, or the same as your pet’s element. This doesn't see much use anymore - Exq Tactical Parfait and double Bravado Roll should be enough to keep Synchro Alive. If Synchro is still struggling, this exists as a last resort instead of Super Deadly Parfait. Obtained by speaking to Anatoliya in the shop area on JP.

Also comes in Fire & Ice and Wind & Lightning variants.

Light & Dark Parfait
All Rolls in this tab can be obtained in Global's Rising Weapons Badge 5 shop.

Support Roll

During Shifta Sympathy, increase your pet’s ATK by 1%, base DEF by 20%, and critical hit rate by 10%. Used mainly to assist in reaching 100% critical hit rate, or for its 20% base DEF increase in mobbing content.

Over time, you can cut Support rolls as you gain critical hit rate through other means. Can be found in Pudding's 13★ Pet Collection Files.

The defense increase of this roll merely increases your pet's defense (before the inclusion of candy) by 20%. On pets with very low defense, such as Synchro, this isn't gonna buff your pet's defense very much.

Support Roll

Bravado Roll / Courageous Roll

Reduce the damage your pet takes from bosses by 20%. Used alongside Steadfast on bossing pets such as Synchro. In content where your bossing pet can't take a hit to proc Steadfast without dying, consider running double Bravado Roll.

Unlike Support Roll, Bravado Roll directly reduces the damage recieved by bosses by 20%, which makes this significantly more valuable than Support Roll for keeping squishy bossing pets alive.

Bravado Roll

Steadfast Roll

When your pet’s HP falls below 50% HP, reduce the damage it takes by 70% for 10s. Has a 30s cooldown. A powerful damage reduction tool for nearly any pet, provided your pet can take a hit without dying. You can pick this up through Nanon in the shop area.

Note: A second Steadfast Roll in a candy box will have no effect. This also doesn't stack with Exquisite Tactics Parfait!

Steadfast Roll

Last Minute Roll / Crisis Roll

When your pet is below 50% HP, it has a 30% chance to recover 20% HP. Can be used to provide your pet in-combat healing if you find yourself wasting a lot of time recalling pets to heal them. Works best on mobbing pets that can afford to take a bunch of chip damage from trash mobs and heal off of it, such as Wanda and Jinga, or on a pet that wants to take hits such as Maron. Last Minute Roll can be obtained at Ariel's Pet Goods Shop.

Last Minute Roll

Fluffy Roll

When your pet takes damage, it has a 33% chance to recover 10% HP. Generally preferable to Last Minute Roll if you can afford it, (though pets with a lot of HP such as Maron can stick to Last Minute Roll), because it provides you healing without needing your pet to be low on HP.

On JP, this was only obtained from a seasonal EQ, so it may be pricey. On EN, this can be obtained with Rising Weapons Badges.

Fluffy Roll

Conversion Roll / Change Roll

Convert 4% of each base DEF stat on your pet to its corresponding ATK type. DEF gained from sandwiches doesn’t apply. Useful on pets with moderate to high DEF if you don't feel that you need defensive rolls. Rappy and 14★ Melon are the two pets that make the best use out of this due to their 2500 and 2700 T-DEF - on other other pets, you'd gain more damage from Support Roll. Found in Pudding's collection files on JP, or from the Rising Weapons Badge shop on EN.

Conversion Roll Roll

Substitute Roll / Substitution Roll

Reduces the cost of your pet's PAs by 10% during Alter Ego. Provided you can keep it alive through the guard frames on Synchro Kyaku, Substitute Roll can be a really great way to increase your Synchro's uptime at the cost of a defensive roll. Most pet's don't have reliable guard frames (or any guard frames at all), so losing defense to run this is less recommended for other pets.

Substitute Roll

Sympathy Roll

Gain 4 PP every 4s during Pet Sympathy. Can be used as a second roll on mobbing pets in content where you don't require extra survivability.

On JP, this was only available during Winter 2018, so expect this to break your wallet if you weren't playing back then. On EN, this can be purchased with Rising Weapons Badges.

Sympathy Roll

Invincible Roll

Upon fully charging Photon Blast, your pet gains 60s of invincibility. Pet gains 120s of invincibility if you run two copies of this roll. This gets an honorary mention simply because a full two minutes of invincibility is kinda insane. That said, it takes a while to fully charge Photon Blast in most Ultra Hard content, so this is mostly limited to use in only a few quests, most noteably Eternal Rondo.

Invincibility Roll

All sweets in this tab except for Ramunes can be obtained in Global's Rising Weapons Badge 5 shop. Cookies

Tech Cookie / Casting Cookie

Increases your pet's T-ATK by 35. Your baseline cookie for use on any and all pets. Drops in most quests, and it's dirt cheap on the player shop.

Tech Cookie

Tech-Sta Cookie / Casting Stamina Cookie

Increases your pet's T-ATK by 30, and increases its HP by 120. This is preferable to Tech Cookie on pets with low HP or poor defenses, such as Melon, Synchro, and Redran.

On JP, this was only obtained from seasonal collection files, so expect to pay a lot for it. On EN, this can be obtained pretty easily through permanent collection folders.

Tech-Sta Cookie

Tech-Spi Cookie / Casting Spirit Cookie

Increases your pet's T-ATK by 30, and your PP by 6. Losing only 5 ATK to gain 6 PP is really worth while on pets that don't need Tech-Sta Cookies, especially if your units are low on PP.

Only obtained on JP on a seasonal basis, so it'll probably cost you a bit. Found in permanent collection folders on EN.

Tech-Spi Cookie

Stamina Cookie

Increases your pet's HP by 150. You generally want to run a cookie that increases your T-ATK, but for pets that really need the HP like Melon or Redran, this is a valid choice if you can’t afford Tech-Sta Cookies. Common drop in most quests.

Stamina Cookie


Critical Candy Stick / Critical Cane

Increases your pet's critical hit chance by 8%. 1-2 of these can be included in pet boxes as needed to reach 100% critical hit rate. Gained by completing Pietro's repeatable client order, "My Gallant Popple!"

Critical Candy Stick.

Spirita Candy Stick / Spirit Cane

Increases your PP by 5. Used either as a placeholder until you get the Critical sticks you need, or to replace Critical Candy Stick once you gain Critical Hit Rate from other sources.

Spirita Candy Stick.

All-Resist Candy Stick / Sovereign Ward Cane

All pet resistances rise by 3%. Another option you can use lieu of Critical or Spirita sticks. Valuable on pets with garbage defense such as Synchro in Ultra Hard content.

All-Resist Candy Stick.

Vin-Spi Candy Stick / Vinculum Spirit Cane

Increases your pet's ATK by 20 and increases your PP by 3. Used to fill 1x4 gaps in your pet boxes with some minor bonus stats. If you find your pets are really taking a beating, you can cut Vin-Spi Sticks to make room for two extra Sandwiches. You can grab this from Pietro’s repeatable client order, “My Gallant Jinga!”

Vin-Spi Candy Stick.

Sandwiches, Gummies, and Ramunes

Body Sandwich / Toughness Sandwich

Increases your pet's S-DEF by 100. Used to fill any remaining 2x1 gaps in your candy boxes. As most enemies deal strike-type damage, this is the most common sandwich to include in candy boxes. Also available in R-DEF or T-DEF variants.

Body Sandwich

Stamina Gummy

Provides 10 HP to your pet. Filler candy used to fill any remaining 1x1 gaps on your pet. This can be bought at Ariel's Pet Goods Shop.

Stamina Gummy

Bright Ramune / Light Candy

Changes your pet's attribute to Light. This candy allows you to temporarily swap your pet’s attribute to Light if your pet wasn’t Light to begin with. Also available in other elemental variants. Can be created by speaking to Ariel.

Stamina Gummy

Critical Hit Rate

An important part of SuPh is making sure you reach 100% critical hit rate.

The reason for this is that pets feature much higher damage variance than other classes' weapons do, and a high critical hit rate allows us to bypass this damage variance entirely.

Your character has a base 5% critical hit rate. Assuming you have 205 PP, you would also gain 41% critical hit rate through the Phantom Skill Critical Stream (205 x 0.2) , putting you at 46% critical hit rate.

20% more critical hit rate can be gained through the right ring R/C Strike Tech, which puts you at 66%. Finally, you can reach 100% critical hit rate using two Support Rolls (10% critical hit rate each) and two Critical Candy Sticks (8% critical hit rate each).

Over time, you can cut Support Rolls and Critical Candy Sticks by gaining higher critical hit rate through other means such as higher PP and S6: Wise Skill (+15% critical hit rate.)