Summoner's only weapon type. On top of enabling you to equip pets, Takts also provide other combat bonuses through their potentials.

Rykros Staff

14★ Rykros Staff (Glance of Darkness / Sinister Stare)
During Alter Ego, Rykros will automatically activate Pet Sympathy, and fire a single-target Megid during each pet PA cast.

Rykros' Megid does not poison or have AOE! Rykros' Megid scales only from T-ATK, and doesn't fire with Maron/Melon Strike & Shield. Upgradable via Ultimate Boosters! Further increases projectile damage and responds to Pet Sympathy quicker.
This Takt is best used alongside pets with quick PAs when fighting a boss or a small crowd (1-3 mobs), and should only be used during Alter Ego.

The pet that best showcases this is Synchro, but Rykros is also useful on Vulcan, Jinga and Rappy.
Lightweaver Cras Reed

15★ Lightweaver Cras Reed (Lightsong Guardian)
Lightweave Klauz Reed (Shimmerdance Guardian)

Power +11%, PP consumption -20%, and +20 PP every 10s. After 30s, manually normal attacking three times will change this potential to the following for 30s: Power +15%, damage taken -30%, and gain Super Armour.

This Takt's high power combined with its amazing PP efficiency makes it a great Takt for pets that don't synergize well with Rykros, (Melon, Viola, Redran), burst options like (Maron Strike, Torim/Aero Spiral), and Rykros pets when Alter Ego is on cooldown (Synchro, Jinga, Rappy, Vulcan).

The activated potential of Lightweaver is also extremely valuable! Gaining an additional 4% power is great when you can afford to deal higher damage with less efficiency, and the 30% damage reduction may allow you to keep squishy pets alive more easily. The Super Armour granted by this effect is also great for knockback resistance outside of Alter Ego.

Lightstream Takt

15★ Lightstream Canxion (Lightstream Melody)
Trailblazer Note Canxion (Photon Serenade)

Power +5%. Additionally, fully restore your PP when casting a PA or Technique while below 10% PP, and gain 3% power for 30s. This effect has a 120s cooldown.

Upgradable with Luminmech Ether Fragments for an extra 3% damage. Activating Darkblast while this weapon is equipped will increase Darkblast's duration by 10s.
Lightstream is useful as a second Takt on pets that burn PP hard, namely Synchro and Redran, or in any situation where you find yourself out of PP. An extremely useful utility weapon.

Atlas Tahat Ex

15★ Atlas Tahat Ex (Eternal War Scherzo)
Atlas Tacht Ex (Unflagging Battle Hymn)

Power +6%. Once per quest, you can negate a fatal blow to a pet, leaving it at 1 HP. Restores pet HP at regular intervals afterwards.

Does not prevent a fatal blow on Maron or Melon Strike. Power can be increased to 8% via Luminmech Ether Fragments.
Burning one slot on your weapon palette for a one-time negate death isn't all that useful in most situations, but can sometimes be useful for keeping your pet alive during a particularly dangerous fight. It's handy to have, but don't expect much use out of it.

Ceres Cicopus Zara

14★ Ceres Cicopus Zara (Immortal Moment)
Ceres Sycophus-Zara (Everlasting Performance)

Gain a power bonus that increases every two hits (6% power at 10 hits). When power bonus is maxed, gain a barrier that grants super armour and 10% damage reduction.

Barrier will fade if you don't land hits on enemies for 15s.
With its 6% power now outdone by multiple other weapons, and with 30s of Super Armour available from Cras weapons, Zara isn't worth trying to obtain.

Liberate Takt

15★ Liberate Takt (Liberated Ensemble)
Rivalate Harmonizer (Liberated Psalm)

Increase critical hit rate by 20%, increase power by 8%, and decrease PP consumption by 20%.

Can be upgraded via Ether Fragments to increase power from 8 to 11%.
This weapon offers you less PP than Darkbanisher Ayer Reed while being more obnoxious to build - for the most part, there's little reason to use this.

As of Vulcan's introduction to the game, this Takt does have some use.

During Alter Ego, Rykros is Vulcan's Takt of choice, but out of Alter Ego, Liberate Takt offers the same 11% as Ayer while also patching up Vulcan's crit rate.

Fluxio Juran

15★ Fluxio/Rinza Juran (Glittering Circle)
Rinser Juran (Gleaming Ensemble)

Increase power by 8%. Upon striking with an attack, increase power by a further 5%, reduce damage taken by 20%, and increase max PP by 100 for 20s. Effect refreshes after dealing 1.5m cumulative damage.

This weapon's use isn't super apparent as it only provides you with 100 max PP rather than recovering 100 PP.

This Takt is mostly useful for its consistent 20% damage reduction in difficult situations, such as keeping Redran alive against high damage rooms in Endless (once you've already expended Cras' 30% damage reduction, of course.)

Overall, don't expect Fluxio to see a ton of use in your gameplay - the 13% power is cool, but generally not worth it at the cost of Cras' PP efficiency.

Milliorazi Orb

15★ Milliorazi Orb/Dusk (Crimson Evening)
Millioraj Orb/Dusk (Blood Red Sunset)

Grants 6% power and automatically restores 2 PP every second.

This weapon is no longer of use, since Darkbanisher Ayer Reed offers what this weapon does and much much more.

Aqua Ripple

15★ Aqua Ripple - (Southern Seas / Tropical Breeze)
Increases power by 6%. When your pet's attribute matches the enemy's weak attribute, it heals for a percentage of the damage it deals, up to 30 HP per hit.

This Takt is pretty forgettable. The pet that most likes the idea of extra healing is Synchro, but it would just be a massive damage loss to not use Rykros Staff.

On any other pet that you might want healing on, Aqua Ripple is worse than using Light & Dark Parfait, Fire & Ice Parfait, or Wind & Lightning Parfait, which heal against two attributes, and for 50 HP per hit.

Ban Stil

1★ Ban Stil (Steadfast Solo)
Van Steel (Steady Performance)

Power +10%. Power bonus decreases by 1% when you take damage (to a minimum of 6%), and recovers by 0.4% every second. When power bonus is at 10%, pet regenerates 10% HP every 10s.

This Takt is really bad. Makes for a very pretty form change though!
Because of Alter Ego Harmony, you take damage when your pet gets hit during Alter Ego. So if your pet gets hit a few times, this weapon becomes a 6% damage bonus with no other merits.

Also, even at max power, this Takt is useless. You'd rather run Lightweaver Cras Reed, which offers you a power bonus that doesn't disppear when you take hits, and huge PP bonuses.