Summoner is a versatile class that fights using pets rather than weapons, each with their own unique move sets, strengths, and weaknesses. Great Summoners are able to manage their pets’ HP, positioning, and buffs, identify what pets best fit the current quest at hand, and make use of an array of techniques to support their pets, all while kicking out high damage.

While Summoner can be a little resource-intensive at first, it’s not too bad to overcome through weekly missions and a little patience, so don’t let this stop you from picking up Summoner even as a new player.

This guide was initially written for the Japanese version of PSO2, but has since been adapted for Global as well - if you're playing on the Global version, look out for purple text highlighting information pertaining to Global.

Through reading this guide I hope you'll see that there's far more to the class than you might think and hopefully give it a shot!

- airoh.



February, 2021
Updated the units page to include Klauz units for Global. Updated boxes to include Super Vigorous instead of Vigorous Parfait.

November, 2020
Added the situational drink Weakpoint Damage Bonus (Prem) to the Mag and Drinks page. Fixed an issue where the site's navigation was unresponsive for some users. Updated the guide for the release of EN EP6! This includes Units, Unit SSAs, and Rivalate Harmonizer, and new Sweets Boxes!

October, 2020
Completed the Pet Mechanics page, added instructions for building a PP E+J Mag, added the new pet Vulcan to the guide, and added each pet's stats to the pet pages. Also updated the Synchro & Vulcan page to include a tab for Vulcan combos!

September, 2020
Ported the guide off of Google Docs, and added the Pet Mechanics page (Credit to Lily♪).